PERFUME :The Story of a Murderer

The Sense of Smell
As strange as Perfume is, perhaps one of the strangest (and most fascinating) things about it is its overarching interest in the sense of smell. Tykwer’s film discusses smell, and it places scent and smell firmly at its forefront. But the film does much more than just discuss scents and the sense of smell in an abstract way; it also comes as close as it possibly can to rendering scent visible.

Because scent is more or less invisible and is totally silent, the sense of smell is simply not one that films typically seek to engage. Why films usually ignore the olfactory system of their viewers is understandable, but Perfume challenges their tendency to do so. By featuring the sense of smell as it does, by using the visual to evoke scent powerfully, and by strongly impacting viewers, the film almost seems to tap into some secret power that was apparently there for filmmakers to engage with all along.

The fact that scent is typically ignored by cinema is hardly the only reason that its presence and efficacy are important to Perfume. While the film is interested in asserting the general power of scent as well as the fact that it’s virtually everywhere, it also aims to investigate and to reveal what it is that makes scent unique and fascinating.



On Monday, September 26,  presented documents that supported Edgar’s claims about his links to Davao city hall – among them, an identification card bearing his name and signature and which indicates he was an “auxiliary service worker”; a service card which however listed his date of birth as June 11, 1961 (he was born in 1957); and job orders issued in 2013 by the authority of the city mayor then, Rodrigo Duterte.

He started out as a member of the Civilian Home Defense Force (CHDF), a paramilitary unit tasked to help maintain peace and order, and fight insurgents. Later, the CHDF, under the supervision and control of governors and mayors, became associated with human rights abuses and was disbanded. After Marcos, the CHDF was transformed into the Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (Cafgu), an irregular auxillary force of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Edgar Bernal Matobato was an early witness to violence. By his own account, when he was 18 or so, supposed members of the communist New People’s Army (NPA) who were in need of guns, swooped down on their home near the Mt Apo National Park and demanded guns.

Sabi ng tatay ko, huwag ‘nyo galawin ang pamilya ko. Kung kailangan ‘nyo ng baril ko, ibibigay ko. Hindi ako lalaban. Siyempre noon, malakas ang NPA. So ako ang nagbigay. Kinuha ko sa taas ang baril tapos binigay ko sa mga NPA iyong baril. Pagkatapos iyong tatay ko hinawakan ng 4 na tao, pinutulan ng ulo sa harapan ko. Lumalakad pa nga sa bakuran namin iyong katawan, walang ulo. Pagkatapos tinusok sa kahoy, ginanyan sa lupa, binandera ang ulo ng tatay ko,” he narrates.

(My father told them, don’t touch my family. If you need my gun, I will give it. I won’t put up a fight. Of course at the time, the NPA was strong. So I was the one who gave the gun. I got it from upstairs and handed it to the NPA. Afterwards 4 men held my father and beheaded him in front of me. His headless body even walked around in our backyard. Afterwards they placed his head on a wooden stake, did this on the ground, and paraded it.)

Extrajudicial killings

I’m certain that before policemen do actions regarding what so called “extrajudicial killings”, they have appropriate records and sustainable evidence that those people are ex-convicts. Moreover, the government’s intention with their operations are just for the drug lords/pushers to surrender and give them appropriate sentence for their disobedience of the law. It’s their (drug pushers) violent reaction towards those operations that lead the policemen to defend their life and resulted to extrajudicial killings. To summarize, it’s better to lessen those ex convicts than to sacrifice great men’s life and not vice versa.

Digital Chaos

Digital Chaos’ initial roster consisted of TC, YawaR, Bulba, Aui 2000, and Biryu, and was formed shortly after The International 2015  After the team failed to qualify for The Frankfurt Major, the team’s captain, Biryu was replaced by 1437. The team continued to struggle, and after the departure of TC, was unable to hold down a stable roster and disbanded less than two months later.

Shortly after the dissolution of Digital Chaos, w33, who had recently been kicked from Team Secret, announced a new team called “Avengers” via twitter. The team’s roster consisted of two players who had just been kicked from Team Secret, w33 and MiSeRy, two players who had been players who had been playing for Digital Chaos shortly before it disbanded,Resolution and Saksa, and Moo, whose newly formed Team Archon collapsed after ztok was banned from all Valve events. Two days later, the team was confirmed to be the new Digital Chaos squad, and would play from the United States.

The newly formed Digital Chaos did well in American qualifiers, but struggled at international events, finishing second-to-last in every premier event they attended. At The International 2016, however, the team surged, placing second in their group and making into the grand finals through the lower bracket to take a surprising second place.

Wings Gaming

Wings Gaming were a minor team for over a year following their formation in 2014, first becoming known when they won The TI5 Open Chinese Qualifiers .The team was later reformed by Speed Gaming.n members Blink, Faith Bian, and Y. This roster’s first international result was a fourth place finish at WCA 2015, where they were accused of cheating against American team Laviathan.The team’s first major result was a 3-0 victory over Shanghai Major runners-up Team Liquid at ESL One Manila, which was considered a major upset.However, the team finished in the bottom four at The Manila Major shortly after, leading many to consider them inconsistent.

After the Manila Major, the team stabilized, finishing second at the Nanyang Championship Season 2 after a close series with Newbee and beating two-time Major champion OG in the grand finals of The Summit 5. Claims of inconsistency returned during the group stage of The International 2016, as the team lost 2-0 to Natuse Vincere and TNC Gaming despite tying tournament favorites OG and defending champions Evil Genuies. However, Wings would proceed to dominate the upper bracket, losing only two games in the four series they played, both against second place team Digital Chaos. Wings’ first place finish secured the team $9,139,002 of the tournament’s $20,770,460 prize pool, currently the largest prize pool in the history of eSports.

TNC Gaming

After acquiring Demon as captain, TNC placed first in the TI6 Southeast Asian Qualifier to become the first Philippine team to qualify for The International since Mineski at TI1. They encountered visa trouble, but successfully secured US visas after support from, among others, Valve and Philippine Senator Bam Aquino.

At The International 2016, the team started in the lower bracket after a 7/7 result in the group stage. They first faced Vici Gaming Reborn, who were missing their starting offlaner, Tang, due to visa trouble. TNC prevailed, thus securing a best-of-three rematch against Group A winner OG, who had won both of their head-to-head games versus TNC in the group stage. After winning Game 1 thanks to a fast start, TNC further shocked viewers by defeating the two-time major champions again in game two, despite a 20,000-Gold deficit near the hour mark. TNC’s victory was described by some as the biggest upset in the history of The International.

Although TNC lost their next series against the eventual second place team,Digital Chaos, the team had secured over $500,000 (over 20 million Philippine Pesos), which was already ten times more prize money than the team had won going into TI6. TNC announced their newly formed squad after The International 2016, with the addition of Teechee and Castfollowing the departure of Demon and Raven.