Digital Chaos

Digital Chaos’ initial roster consisted of TC, YawaR, Bulba, Aui 2000, and Biryu, and was formed shortly after The International 2015  After the team failed to qualify for The Frankfurt Major, the team’s captain, Biryu was replaced by 1437. The team continued to struggle, and after the departure of TC, was unable to hold down a stable roster and disbanded less than two months later.

Shortly after the dissolution of Digital Chaos, w33, who had recently been kicked from Team Secret, announced a new team called “Avengers” via twitter. The team’s roster consisted of two players who had just been kicked from Team Secret, w33 and MiSeRy, two players who had been players who had been playing for Digital Chaos shortly before it disbanded,Resolution and Saksa, and Moo, whose newly formed Team Archon collapsed after ztok was banned from all Valve events. Two days later, the team was confirmed to be the new Digital Chaos squad, and would play from the United States.

The newly formed Digital Chaos did well in American qualifiers, but struggled at international events, finishing second-to-last in every premier event they attended. At The International 2016, however, the team surged, placing second in their group and making into the grand finals through the lower bracket to take a surprising second place.


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