Wings Gaming

Wings Gaming were a minor team for over a year following their formation in 2014, first becoming known when they won The TI5 Open Chinese Qualifiers .The team was later reformed by Speed Gaming.n members Blink, Faith Bian, and Y. This roster’s first international result was a fourth place finish at WCA 2015, where they were accused of cheating against American team Laviathan.The team’s first major result was a 3-0 victory over Shanghai Major runners-up Team Liquid at ESL One Manila, which was considered a major upset.However, the team finished in the bottom four at The Manila Major shortly after, leading many to consider them inconsistent.

After the Manila Major, the team stabilized, finishing second at the Nanyang Championship Season 2 after a close series with Newbee and beating two-time Major champion OG in the grand finals of The Summit 5. Claims of inconsistency returned during the group stage of The International 2016, as the team lost 2-0 to Natuse Vincere and TNC Gaming despite tying tournament favorites OG and defending champions Evil Genuies. However, Wings would proceed to dominate the upper bracket, losing only two games in the four series they played, both against second place team Digital Chaos. Wings’ first place finish secured the team $9,139,002 of the tournament’s $20,770,460 prize pool, currently the largest prize pool in the history of eSports.


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